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Weirdest Pickled Things

Our society has been pickling things for thousands of years – throwing large variations of food into brine to either preserve the food or add additional flavor. Aside from the very obvious pickled rarities like Offal (pickled entrails and other random parts) and Pig’s Feet / Beef Tongue, we found that there were some very […]

Snacks and Libations at Fern Bar in Sonoma County

Fern Bar, located in Sebastopol California, focuses on fermented and pickled foods, sources their food from local farms and vendors in Sonoma County and is taking the crowd by storm. Between the instagrammable cocktails and aesthetically pleasing environment, this restaurant has been on our list for quite a while. I was excited to finally make […]

How To Make Curtido & Bacon Deviled Eggs

WARNING: Making this recipe will ruin regular deviled eggs for you forever. This recipe is so good, that plain deviled eggs will forever disappoint you. We’re back at it again with the cultured food recipes! Jennifer Harris and I have been having way too much fun cooking in my kitchen together. And each week, she […]