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Behind The Scenes | Zazu Kitchen + Farm

Zazu Kitchen + Farm is located in The Barlow, a new shopping center/culinary and arts depot, featuring critically acclaimed restaurants, tasting rooms, art galleries and markets. Husband and wife team, John Stewart and Duskie Estes have owned Zazu since 2001, where it originally operated in a rural roadhouse in Santa Rosa. In 2013, Zazu re-opened […]

Get to Pickling & Join a Local CSA

What Is CSA? Getting really great, fresh produce might be easy for those of us who live closer to rural areas, but those city folks need love too! CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA allows people who live in cities to have access to farm fresh produce. How Does It Work? When you become […]

A Fermented Lunch At The Backyard

On Friday, I went out in search of a completely fermented meal. A friend recommended I try The Backyard in Forestville, Ca. She could not have chosen a better place! The menu is full of local food, house fermented veggies and kefir soda on tap from The Kefiry in Sebastopol. My videographer and friend, Jenny […]