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Why Do Millennials Love Fermented Foods?

It has become more and more common in this recent day and age for younger people, particularly millennials, to take a more critical look at what is being put into their bodies. Veganism is becoming more common, health conscious and non-gmo foods are also becoming the norm. As people begin to protest the consumption of […]

Easy Homemade Ramen

I was inspired to make ramen after a late afternoon craving that I wasn’t able to satisfy. There’s a really popular Ramen House near me that I can never get into. It’s always at least an hour wait when I get there and I’m usually too hungry to wait. The next day I was feeling […]

A Fermented Lunch At The Backyard

On Friday, I went out in search of a completely fermented meal. A friend recommended I try The Backyard in Forestville, Ca. She could not have chosen a better place! The menu is full of local food, house fermented veggies and kefir soda on tap from The Kefiry in Sebastopol. My videographer and friend, Jenny […]