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Snacks and Libations at Fern Bar in Sonoma County

Fern Bar, located in Sebastopol California, focuses on fermented and pickled foods, sources their food from local farms and vendors in Sonoma County and is taking the crowd by storm. Between the instagrammable cocktails and aesthetically pleasing environment, this restaurant has been on our list for quite a while. I was excited to finally make […]

Add Some ‘Booch To That Hooch!

It’s no secret that we at Spoiled To Perfection are kombucha fans! The refreshing fermented tea beverage has certainly risen in popularity over the years, and whereas you’d once be hard-pressed to find it outside of health food and specialty stores, it’s now readily available nearly everywhere! We’ve seen recipes using kombucha for all manner […]

Sparkling Wine Cocktails for the Holidays

It’s about that time to start thinking about the holidays, planning parties, meals, and of course, cocktails! My favorite libation is sparkling wine and I especially love to add seasonal flavors to spice things up! I chose my favorite brand of sparkling wine, Iron Horse Vineyards in Sebastopol, CA. Iron Horse is a small, family-owned […]