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Not Your Mother’s Thanksgiving Recipes

Yes, tis the season of cooking and cleaning and shopping, and cooking and cleaning some more. It seems like this time of year sneaks up on us out of nowhere and I am almost never as prepared as I’d like to be. I also don’t like cooking and serving the same old recipes every year. […]

How To Make Curtido & Bacon Deviled Eggs

WARNING: Making this recipe will ruin regular deviled eggs for you forever. This recipe is so good, that plain deviled eggs will forever disappoint you. We’re back at it again with the cultured food recipes! Jennifer Harris and I have been having way too much fun cooking in my kitchen together. And each week, she […]

Behind The Scenes | Zazu Kitchen + Farm

Zazu Kitchen + Farm is located in The Barlow, a new shopping center/culinary and arts depot, featuring critically acclaimed restaurants, tasting rooms, art galleries and markets. Husband and wife team, John Stewart and Duskie Estes have owned Zazu since 2001, where it originally operated in a rural roadhouse in Santa Rosa. In 2013, Zazu re-opened […]