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Why Do Millennials Love Fermented Foods?

It has become more and more common in this recent day and age for younger people, particularly millennials, to take a more critical look at what is being put into their bodies. Veganism is becoming more common, health conscious and non-gmo foods are also becoming the norm. As people begin to protest the consumption of […]

Drinking Vinegars: Refreshing Beverages To Keep You Cool This Summer!

Over the past few years, drinking vinegars have been popping up here and there in grocery stores, often alongside kombucha and water kefir. I was surprised to learn that not only are drinking vinegars incredibly tasty and refreshing, they have a long history and potential health benefits. They’re also perfect for sipping on a hot […]

Nana Mae’s Organics: Cider And Vinegar

I asked Paul Kolling of Nana Mae’s Organics, how he became the Apple Man of Sonoma County, he laughed and said, “that’s a story for another time.” ┬áNana Mae’s Organics is a local apple products company, growing apples in over 100 locations in the County. Paul named the company after his grandmother, who he spent […]