Our society has been pickling things for thousands of years – throwing large variations of food into brine to either preserve the food or add additional flavor. Aside from the very obvious pickled rarities like Offal (pickled entrails and other random parts) and Pig’s Feet / Beef Tongue, we found that there were some very curious pickled items we felt deserved to be on a weirdest pickled things list!

Kool-Aid Pickles

Our first interesting pickled item is a Kool-Aid pickle! These pickles are sporting some very interesting colors and flavors. This recipe comes from HGTV and explains that this fancy sugar-filled brine turns the cucumbers into a marriage of sweet and sour and was birthed from the Mississippi Delta. A simple recipe with a pretty shocking transformation, try it at home!

Pickle Candy Canes

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with your very own dill pickle flavored candy canes? Peppermint is the flavor of last year and dill has come and is here to stay! It definitely takes a pickle lover to substitute the typical peppermint flavor loved by all with this new and unique take on the candy cane. 

Pickle Sandwich Bread

Keto and Paleo goers rejoice! No longer are sandwiches held tightly between the clutches of two pieces of bread. Elsie’s sandwich shop in New Jersey coined this new (and viral) craze of using two halves of a pickle as “bread”.  It looks like it’s holding up and will definitely add an additional crunch to your sandwich you never knew you wanted!

Dill Pickle Popsicles

This recipe comes from our very own Bubbies Pickles! On the same note as the dill pickle candy canes, these are definitely reserved for dill pickle lovers. These hot summer days can be paired with these creations that took some of Bubbies pickles blended and combined, then cooled to form this familiar frozen treat. Try them yourself if you find yourself with the craving!

Honorable Mention:

Pickle Ice Cream

We felt that the pickle pop was slightly more eccentric than the ice cream, but we wanted to include it here for the true pickle fans looking to travel as many avenues as possible!

We hope you enjoyed our list of some of the weirdest pickle things! Share with us some of your weird pickle ideas and recipes at:




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