Mead Tasting!

We visited Heidrun Meadery in Point Reyes Station and wanted to share our amazing experience!

If you’re confused about what mead is, have no fear. We’re here to tell you!

Mead is fermented with three simple ingredients: yeast, water and honey. It’s created by fermenting honey and is quite possibly the oldest alcoholic beverage on Earth. Pottery vessels in China, dated from 7000 B.C., suggest that mead fermentation out-ages both wine and beer.Throughout history, mead production became a global phenomenon with Vikings, Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks and Romans alike.

Meads vary greatly in flavor and are heavily based on the honey bees’ particular diet of nectar and pollen. At Heidrun Meadery, they cultivate flowering plants to supplement the local natural forage available to their honey bees.

Heidrun Meadery produces naturally sparkling varietal meads by using traditional French Méthode Champenoise. They create an unbelievably delicious and refreshing Champagne-like mead that is light, dry, and delicate with subtle exotic aromas found only in the essence of honey.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying this style of mead, we highly suggest it. It was an incredible alcoholic beverage that left our pallets confused whether we had just tasted Champagne or honey.

The Meadery’s greenhouse is also used as the tasting room where you can also purchase bee-friendly plant starts. They also sell a large amount of honey!

We tasted four meads during our visit- Hawaiian Lehua Blossom, Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Blossom, Oregon Radish Blossom and one still mead, Oregon Meadowfoam Blossom. Depending on the mead, flavor profiles varied from rich, full-bodied to very dry, earthy flavors.

Overall, we had an incredible time trying the different varietals and walking around the property. There are picnic tables outside to enjoy a picnic while tasting a flute (or a bottle) of one of their meads. We will definitely be back to take a scheduled tour of the estate and learn more about the production of their mead.

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