If you’ve never had kale chips, stop reading this and go get some. Better yet, make some!

kale leaves on food dehydrader

Kale chips have become an increasingly trendy snack ever since kale hit the health food scene as one of the healthiest leafy greens money can buy. Kale is so popular that it’s almost impossible to avoid it. You can find kale in most green juices, baby food pouches, and now, in the chips and snacks aisle!

But store bought kale chips just don’t compare to homemade and the homemade ones get eaten up too quickly! Even people who don’t like kale LOVE kale chips. They are the salty, crunchy snack that you can eat and eat and not feel guilty about. The flavor options are endless and they are so easy to make! I make mine in a dehydrator but you can make them in your oven just as easily.

kale chips in a bowl

I like my kale chips simple and plain because I still want to taste the kale. I toss my kale in olive oil, sea salt, a little garlic powder, and cracked pepper. The kale goes into the dehydrator, is ready in about 5 hours, and then disappears in about 5 minutes.

kale leaves on food dehydrator

I am impressed by all the creativity out there when it comes to making kale chips. Here are some recipe ideas from some very talented food bloggers that you can try to spice up snack time:

Cheesy Oven Roasted Kale Chips by Fool Proof Living

Curry Kale Chips by Ricki Heller

Dill Pickle Kale Chips by The Primal Desire

What are your favorite ways to make dehydrated snacks? Share them with us at stpseries@gmail.com!

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