The cast and crew are reunited and it feels so good! While some of us wrap up the last few B-Roll shots, others are locked in editing rooms. We are especially excited for this season because we’re introducing a whole new format to the show.

There are four individual segments, each unique and wacky that will make up a full episode. In Spoiler Alert, newscasters deliver the latest and greatest in all things spoiled. In our Spoiled Kitchen, home chef and food stylist Joanna Bodano teaches new recipes.

video monitor on the spoiled to perfection set

Fermented Science is animated lessons on how and why things ferment, pickle, and spoil. And last but not least, our host from last season, Garrett Martin, takes us down Fermentation Road, where he travels through Northern California to uncover unknown fermenters who deserve some spotlight!

Garrett Martin interviewing Henhouse Brewing

We have some new faces this season, as well as crew playing cast and cast playing crew. You might spot a local brewery or a local fermentation expert in Episode 1!

Stay tuned!

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