Dehydrating food is really easy, fun, and helps reduce waste! That’s nice and lovely, but what do you do with all this stuff you’ve dehydrated, other than eating it straight? Once you’ve mastered dehydrating fruit, and making jerky, you’re going to want to spread your wings and try new things, like making your own onion powder or making fruit leather.

I’ve seen a ton of advice and direction on how to save the season’s bounty by dehydrating it, but what do you do with that dehydrated garlic or spinach leaves?

Thanks to the work of some amazing food bloggers, I’ve rounded up some of their great ideas:

Make veggie powders- After dehydrating, turn your veggies into a powder using a food processor. Use the powders in smoothies, soups, and sauces. Check out this raw and vegan veggie stock powder from Tales Of A Kitchen.

jar of dehydrated vegetable powder

Add dehydrated veggies when baking bread for a sundried tomato or onion loaf. Throw some dehydrated veggies into your dough when baking so that you can taste any season whenever you want! Try this sun-dried tomato and basil bread from Girl Versus Dough. 

loaf of sun-dried tomato and basil bread

Make Instant Breakfast! Cooking/eating breakfast first thing in the morning is really hard! It takes too much time, and I’m usually not hungry yet. Take these Instant Oatmeal Jars by Clean Food Crush with you and eat when you’re ready.

instant oatmeal jars

Make Green Powder! Try this recipe from Traditional Cooking School, as well as tips on what to do with your powder, like make smoothies!

Dehydrate hot peppers for spicing meats (make a jalapeño/garlic powder). Make sure to dehydrate outside or in the garage.  The air gets spicy and can burn your eyes. Follow these powder directions from Katotic Kitchen.

spoon of dehydrated peppers

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