peeled green apples

Thank you Santa, for getting me a dehydrator for Christmas! I have gone “dehydrator crazy”  since it arrived! Being that it was my first time ever dehydrating anything, I did a ton of research and made a huge list of things I wanted to try. Number one on my list was apple chips. Apples and pineapples are my favorite fruit! This was potentially the easiest recipe I’ve ever tried. Most of the apple chip recipes you will find online are pretty much the same:

Slice thin, sprinkle with whatever you want (sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, caramel), dry for several hours at 135 degrees in your dehydrator.

sliced apples on food dehydrator

Almost every recipe I looked at told me that you don’t need a dehydrator to dry fruits and veggies and that it can all be done at low settings in your oven. I have failed miserably at this in the past. A decent dehydrator is not expensive, and worth every penny.

apple chips

I am looking forward to more experimenting, especially with jerky!!

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