Tuna Melts are one of those comfort foods that almost everyone loves! I have a slight addiction to spicy foods, so I never miss an opportunity to take a standard recipe and make it SPICY! This sandwich is not for the faint of heart. The fresh jalapenos bring a lot of heat to the dish. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

hand holding a slice of jalapeno

This recipe is really easy and it’s a great way to spice up a basic lunch. Of course, it’s got Bubbies Pickles in it. What’s a tuna sandwich without dill pickles?! If you’d prefer a milder dish, omit the jalapenos or choose an extra mild pepper.

You’ll need:

A can of tuna in water

Real, fermented sourdough bread, preferably freshly baked

1 TBSP Mayo

1 TBSP Bubbies Dill Pickle juice

S & P to taste

Butter or Earth Balance

1 small heirloom tomato

1 jalapeno

1 large Bubbies Dill Pickle

1 thicks slice of sharp cheddar

The key to making this epic sammie is to slice everything SUPER thin. Slice the pickles, tomatoes, and jalapenos paper thin. Spread a small amount of Earth Balance on each side of the bread and start lightly toasting it in a pan.

Mix your tuna together with mayo, pickle juice and salt and pepper. Make sure to keep an eye on the bread. You’re going for a light golden toast on each side. Once the bread it ready to go, place your tuna on one slice, topped with a slice of sharp cheddar. Place the second slice on top and let the magic happen. Depending on your stove, medium is a good heat to make sure the bread doesn’t over toast and burn. When your cheese has melted and your bread has a nice crunch to it, take it off the pan and pull the sandwich apart. Place all your fixings inside, slice and enjoy!

ultimate spicy tuna melt side view


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