I came across a pretty irresistible beverage recipe recently that I just had to try! I love hot and creamy beverages, especially in the morning. I am a coffee addict and a huge fan of golden milk. If you’ve never tried golden milk, you must.

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But I’m always down to try new things and this Honey Miso Latte Recipe by Anya Kassoff at Golubka Kitchen was calling my name! Anya Kassoff and Masha Davydova are a mother and daughter food blogging team, winning Saveur’s Food Blog Awards for their mostly vegetarian and vegan recipes. You can find their cookbook, The Vibrant Table, on Amazon.

miso latte ingredients: fermented ginger almond milk, honey, and turmeric

Luckily, I had all the ingredients in the house already so I woke up this morning and gave it a try. I’ve been told many times that turmeric has amazing healing properties, especially for the gut. And of course, miso is a flavorful fermented product that I only recently started cooking with.

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cup of miso latte

This recipe was really easy! I simplified it even more by using a whisk instead of a blender (mostly because I hate doing dishes). I sliced the ginger and let it cook over the stove with almond milk for about 10 minutes. I added the miso, turmeric, and honey and gave the pot a vigorous whisk until the miso and honey had dissolved. Then, I simply placed a strainer over a large mug and poured!

cup of miso latte top view

I finished off the top with a little more turmeric and a bit of black pepper, as Anya suggested.

I must say, this is one of the best comfort beverages I have ever had. It’s a perfect balance of sweet and salty. If you’re looking for new and creative ways to enjoy your mornings, I highly recommend this recipe!

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