As Jennifer and I continue to explore ways to entertain with fermented foods and beverages, we’ve come up with a new beer cocktail that Jennifer really likes to make at home that she calls “The Late Night Locomotive.” This is a stout cocktail that makes for perfect, after dinner sipping.

I spent many years as a bartender, but I never got into mixology all that much. When it comes to the art of complimentary flavors, Jennifer has nailed it! This cocktail incorporates all the flavors you look for in an after dinner beverage, whether you like to have espresso, sip fernet, or scotch, this drink is for you.

sambuca, whiskey, and jar of simple syrup

jar of vanilla simple syrup, bottle of old rasputin, and measuring jars

two steins filled with stout cocktails

the late night locomotive stout cocktail in beer stein

The Late Night Locomotive

Ingredients: Makes 2 Drinks

4-5 oz of Stout Beer ( We used Old Rasputin)

1 oz of Bourbon

1/2 oz of Sambuca

1/2 oz of Simple Syrup

1 oz of Espresso

2 TBSP of Coconut Milk

6 espresso beans  to garnish

*Optional: Fresh Nutmeg ground on top


  1. In a shaker add bourbon, Sambuca, simple syrup and espresso. Add your stout last and shake VERY gently. Shaking carbonated beverages can get messy.
  2. Pour over ice in chilled glasses and add a TBSP each of coconut milk. Top with three espresso beans in each glass.
  3. Enjoy!


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