I don’t always do face masks and drink cocktails when I hang out with my girlfriends, but when I do, you better believe it’s all going to be fermented!

I invited my friend, and Spoiled To Perfection guest, Jennifer Harris, to come over for a girls day on Tuesday. Due to the fact that we both love to cook and love cultured food, Jennifer knew that both of these recipes would be right up my alley.

Jennifer Harris and Emily Somple with facial mask ingredients

She┬áintroduced me to her favorite face mask recipe, consisting of plain yogurt, lemon juice, honey and bentonite clay. She does this mask on herself on a weekly basis, and has beautiful glowing skin. It also didn’t surprise me one bit, to find out that a probiotic-rich yogurt can do as much good on the surface as it does on the inside.

So we tied our hair up and had a spa day in my kitchen! But once the masks were on, we realized we had some time to kill. Thankfully, Jennifer brought over ingredients to make a cocktail recipe she’d been dying to try.

Kimchi Kombucha Bloody Mary Cocktails

You can try Jennifer’s recipes here!

Cultured Yogurt Face Mask

Kimchi Kombucha Bloody Marys

Jennifer and I had so much fun, that we’re going to do a series of “How-To” videos in my kitchen! Stay tuned for more.

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