Spoiled To Perfection is currently in post production of episode five, featuring Sonoma Brothers Distilling, a twin brother team creating artisan spirits in Sonoma County. Our crew arrived at their distillery in Windsor, CA, on an early Thursday morning to set up. Brothers, Chris and Brandon Matthies walked our host, Garret Martin, through the grain to glass process. The “grain to glass”  concept was mentioned many times throughout the day. What does grain to glass mean? It’s often thrown around, but not always the case. Chris and Brandon’s distillery is a true grain to glass facility, and here’s why:

Bottle of Sonoma Brothers Distilling Whiskey on top of Boxes

Grain To Glass refers to the production process, but its’ philosophy is just as important to its definition. It’s an all in-house process, where the grains are milled, mashed, fermented and distilled in the distillery, then bottled, all onsite. There are easier, and cheaper ways to distill spirits, but the Matthies brothers have never been in to doing things the easy way. Chris is a firefighter, and Brandon is a cop. So they both know a thing or two about hard work. The brothers use only the finest ingredients, doing every step of the process themselves, distilling in small 200 liter batches, in a handmade Arnold Holstein copper pot still. They are a born and raised, Sonoma County duo, through and through and wanted their spirits to be a reflection of both their upbringing and their hard working careers in public service. 

Chris Matthies and Garrett Martin

Sonoma Brothers Distilling can be found in local markets and restaurants all over the county, and across the state of California. To find a market closest to you, visit http://sonomabrothersdistilling.com. Interested in touring the distillery? Make a reservation by contacting Chris and Brandon at (707) 888-2120 or at info@sonomabrothersdistilling.com. 

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