Every family has their own Thanksgiving traditions and recipes they prepare every year on Thanksgiving. My family makes tamales and enchiladas, as well as three different kinds of fruit salad. Another Spoiled To Perfection team member is cooking a Filipino style Thanksgiving with homemade lumpia this year. Whatever your traditions may be, I would like to share some recipes I’ve stumbled across that add the flavor of fermentation┬áto the table. Most of these recipes can be prepared the day of or the day before. These are recipes created by some of our favorite fermenters. Enjoy!

First things first, you must treat your guests to a Thanksgiving cocktail! Try this Apple Pie Punch recipe by The Cookie Rookie:

apple pie punch cocktail

For an appetizer, try this homemade cheese, ready to go the day of. Give this Farmer’s Cheese recipe a try, and add your own herbs and spices. Serve with crackers or fresh bread:

Farmers Cheese

For this tasty side dish you will need at least two days, so get this one started today! Serve this fermented cranberry recipe by Health Impact News, as a nice, tangy change to the normal cranberry sauce:

jar of fermented cranberries

For the main course, switch up your standard Turkey recipe and try this Cider-Brined Turkey by Angry Orchard!

thanksgiving turkey and bottle of angry orchard cider

You can never have enough cheese! Add a twist to pumpkin pie and make your loved ones this pumpkin cheesecake by Natasha’s Kitchen:

pumpkin cheesecake


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