Monthly Archives: November 2015

Every family has their own Thanksgiving traditions and recipes they prepare every year on Thanksgiving. My family makes tamales and enchiladas, as well as three different kinds of fruit salad. Another Spoiled To Perfection team member is cooking a Filipino style Thanksgiving with homemade lumpia this year. Whatever your traditions may be, I would like […]

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau and kombucha brewers are at war! Their back and forth battle has been in the news quite a bit lately and it sure it causing a stir within the fermentation and beverage industries. Kombucha is being attacked for supposedly mislabeling itself as a non-alcoholic beverage on market shelves. The Alcohol and Tobacco […]

What Is Kefir?

Kefir seems to be everywhere! It can be overwhelming to wander through a Whole Foods and navigate your way around all the items you can’t pronounce or have never heard of. My parent’s generation never grew up on these “foreign” fermented beverages. They certainly weren’t seeing them in the grocery stores. But nowadays, it seems […]