With Halloween just a few days away, I can feel my sweet tooth kicking in! However, candy isn’t really an option for me (I love it, it does not love me). I know plenty of moms and dads who refuse to let their kids eat candy for both health and dietary reasons. So in the spirit of Halloween and healthy eating, I’ve compiled a list of recipes for fermented sweets and desserts to satisfy our sweet tooth and give us our daily dose of fermented foods!

Lacto-Fermented Cinnamon Apples: from Bare Root Girl 

wooden crate full of apples

This recipe is really simple and can keep for three to six months! Add to a bowl of kefir ice cream or on top of morning pancakes.

Coffee Kefir Ice Cream: from Cooking ala Mel

Ice cream cown upside down in bowl

No complicated equipment or ingredients necessary! Just blend together and freeze for later. That’s my kind if recipe.

Probiotic Fudge-sicles: from Healthy Holistic Living

I will definitely be trying this one! It sounds so refreshing and can satisfy Halloween chocolate candy cravings.

Chocolate Kefir Nuts: from Cultured Food Life

dark brown milk chocolate

You can never have too many chocolate treats! These sound like the perfect recipe for kids. A friend of mine makes homemade healthy treats and then trades them for Halloween candy that her kids get when they trick or treat.

Strawberry infused Ginger Kombucha Moscow Mules: from Edible Perspective 

stainless steel bowl full of cut strawberries

Ok, this one is for the adults. When I saw this recipe, I knew I had to add it to my recipe book. You can find me sipping one (or two) of these on the porch while I hand out junk food to trick or treaters.

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