As Americans, we are pretty accustomed to pickled foods. We branch out, and eat more than just pickled cucumbers. Kimchi is really popular here, and we love pickled vegetables. Some of us even eat stranger pickled items like pickled eggs. You wouldn’t believe some of the foods that are pickled around the world that are a staple food in many cultures. Here is a list of the weirdest foods pickled around the world:

Pickled Mangos: In India, pickled mangos are very common. They are pickled in mustard seed and sesame oil, and then they add a mixture of spices to create a sweet and spicy treat.


Pickled Herring: In places like Denmark and Russia, pickled herring is found EVERYWHERE! They put it in salads and sandwiches. They first cure it in salt and then pickle it with peppercorns and raw onions! Thank goodness for mints! Bubbies makes Pickled Herring Filets that are always sustainably harvested if you are looking to try out this snack. You can purchase them at 

jar of Bubbie's herring fillets

Pickled Pigs Lips and Feet: Big in the South, especially Louisiana, pickled pigs lips and feet are a porky delicacy. They have a gelatinous texture and are often referred to as an acquired taste. It is known to “clear the head,” after a few drinks.

Chow Chow: Also known as Picalilli, is a tart green relish made by all types of different vegetables, depending on where in Canada you are from. The chow chow recipes are protected by each family as a secret formula and are not to be shared with those outside your bloodline.

Okroshka: This cold soup like dish is big in Russia, made up of cold kefir, cucumbers, bologna and dill.


Would you give any of these pickled treats a try? Does your family have other strange pickled  items they like to enjoy? Share with us!

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