Something is a brewing at Spirit Works Distillery in Sebastopol, CA. Yes they make gin, whiskey and vodka, but they’ve brewed up quite the science experiment as a side project. The staff calls it the “Music Barrels.” I call it fascinating! They are encouraging maturation with vibration through sound! The owner of Spirit Works, Timo Marshall, claims he doesn’t know where the idea came from but the rest of the staff said, “It was all Timo!”

Timo has rigged speakers and iPods to barrels of whiskey, each playing different styles of music. Lauren Patz, co-distiller, explained that Timo is the big picture, twenty steps ahead, creative brains behind the operation. She also praised Timo for being the one who was able to actually rig this all up and attach the speakers.

To learn more about the “Music Barrels” project, watch the video, Spoiled In Sonoma | Spirit Works Distillery.

Spirit Works Distillery is the perfect balance between art and science; a balance needed to produce fine, artisan style products. The team is nothing short of creative, passionate and logical. The tasting room is open in The Barlow at 6790 McKinley St #100, Sebastopol, CA 95472.

Conical fermenters at Spirit Works Distillery

Stainless steel manifold at Spirit Works Distillery

Bottles of Spirit works Vodka and Sloe Gin


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