Monthly Archives: September 2015

I’ve really started to embrace DIY fermenting and pickling, to the point where I’m pointing out things that aren’t popularly known as fermented goods at the grocery store and restaurants. I’m driving everyone around me crazy with my “Hey did you guys know Sriracha is fermented?!” No one gets it, and I’m starting to see […]

I love finding new places to dine out that are supporting the local, Sonoma County fermentation scene. Downtown Petaluma has a cafe called Native Kitchen and Komucha Bar, where you can order from a menu of totally organic and biodynamic foods as well as kombucha on tap. The menu is a selection of small plates, salads […]

Do you know where your SCOBY is? How’s your booch hanging? Got shrub? If you aren’t familiar with these terms, you will be soon. Fermentation is hitting the food and beverage market as one the hottest new trends of 2015, like Birkenstocks and beards. Fermentation advocates on the frontline of this trend swear by its […]