Tempeh & Kombucha


Plate of Fried Tempeh

My journey in to the world of fermentation has become more exciting and educational than I could have ever imagined. Not only am I trying new things I would have never discovered on my own, but I now have new foods and beverages that  have become staples in my home! In addition to making my own kombucha, I started cooking with tempeh.

My very first batch of kombucha was a total success! Everyone who has tasted it, loved it. I’m working on batch number two and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I had never tried tempeh before my visit to Alive & Healing Tempeh in Windsor, CA. I didn’t even know what it was made out of. I just knew my vegetarian friends ate it a lot. Most “meat replacement” items I’ve had have been less than satisfying so I was never eager to give tempeh a shot. But I went in with an open mind and ended up discovering something I really like!

Alive & Healing Tempeh restaurant sign

Stem Kent, owner of Alive & Healing, gave me the complete run down on Tempeh, its history and how it’s made. Tempeh is made from fermented soy beans, is an Indonesian staple and is packed with protein. Alive & Healing is made from organic, GMO free soybeans. Stem explained that “Tempeh undergoes a fermentation process making the proteins more digestible, improving the vitamin content, and producing beneficial digestive enzymes for our bodies. Because our tempeh is a uniquely unpasteurized live-cultured food, we are all able to harness the many healing qualities that these living microorganisms offer.”

What I like about it the most is how versatile it is and how it soaks up flavor. In my video above, I made some tempeh fries, whipped up a soy sauce and teriyaki dipping sauce and loved it! Stem showed me how to do this in person, and I fell in love with the flavor so I had to make it again for myself. It was quite simple. Check out our video for more details.

Visit http://www.aliveandhealing.com/ to find out where you can get some local tempeh for yourself.


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