Close up of Kimchi on pickle platter

1. Kimchi’s original ingredients were simply cabbage and salt. It wasn’t until after around 1400 AD that fish paste, hot peppers and seasonings were added.
2. Fermenting kimchi and other vegetables led to the discovery of fermented soy beans and the birth of soy sauce.
3. Kimchi can be made from more than just cabbage. Try radish and cucumber kimchi for a change.
4. There are over 200 different varieties of kimchi. Each region, city and even neighborhood in Korea have their own style.
5. Crunchy kimchi means good kimchi. If the texture of your kimchi is mushy, you have bad kimchi.
6. Kimchi is seasonal. Koreans consume different types of kimchi at different times if the year.
7. Lot’s of Korean households have separate kimchi refrigerators.

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